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Force Close, Force Close, Force Close

I'm not even sure where to begin. I started with the Droid Charge, we see there have been numerous complaints about that phone. After 3 Charges and several factory resets, Verizon finally put me into a LG Spectrum. Force close, force close, force close. I'm on my third Spectrum now. All they will do for me is send another Spectrum. Are you kidding me? I've done factory resets, wiped and reformatted the SD card, the phone has been "naked", no apps, no emails for days at a time. Still force close, force close, force close whenever it feels like it. Now since I've wiped everything off of it, it's worse!! It freezes, restarts itself and doesn't respond at all. The last manager I talk to said it was my phone number. Really? Because I had no problems with that phone number when I was at AT & T, and no problems with it when I ported it over to Verizon, 4 years ago. Now all of a sudden there's a problem with it? Please explain yourselves. If anyone can suggest anything, I would be grateful.