Google Maps Navigation and Google Music problem


I love the LG G2 but it has a few concerning issues. First, is the squealling, hissing, cracking, popping, etc. during phone calls, but I have seen that brought up by others.

The second problem that I've discovered, and the most upsetting to me, is that when using the Google Maps Navigation and Google Music All Access at the same time, whenever the navigation voice instructs a direction, the music shuts off. It is then silent until the navigation voice instructs the next direction OR when a new track starts. This was not a problem on my droid bionic, so it must be an LG G2 issue. This is a huge problem to me as I travel a lot for work and usually use GPS to find where I'm going, and I subscribe to Google Music All Access so I listen to music in the car. This problem makes that impossible to do (I have to choose).

A related issue, is that my Alpine CD player displayed track information (Artist, Song, Album) with my Droid Bionic, but with the LG G2 it displays 'UNKNOWN'. I find it hard to believe that a two year old phone has capabilities that a brand new phone wouldn't, so I'm hoping these issues will be fixed with a software patch.

Has anybody else experienced these issues, or does it work fine with your LG G2?

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