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Hate my Revolution

I have had my phone since Dec 30, 2011 and have had nothing but trouble with it.  After only 6 weeks of owning it I had to have a factory restore.  After that I realized there were several things that had NEVER been working and now were.  Since the phone was new to me I wasn't even aware that it had "errors".  And of course it waited to show it's problems until after the magical 14 day return period.

Even after the restore I continue to have problems almost on a daily basis.  Aps freeze, I don't get texts or phone calls.  Last week I had a voicemail notification even thought my phone never rang.  When I called VM I had 3 new ones and 2 were from the week prior!!!  One of which was very important.  I do not have a land line and having a cell phone that doesn't work is unacceptable.  I have been back to the store 3 times since I bought it and each time they tell me I just need to move aps to my sd card because they are slowing the phone down.  I don't even have very many aps!  I can't download them because they all end up freezing and forcing me to delete them anyhow! 

I am beyond frustrated and have had Verizon for 10 years.  Looks like I may have to move on since it appears they aren't willing to help anyone with this obvious issue.  If this many people are having issues with this phone it should be recalled and replaced with something NEW...not a refurbished version of itself.  Verizon would be smart to take action instead of asking us which aps are causing issues and such because it's the PHONE not the things we are doing on it! 

At the least we should all be able to buy a new phone of our choice with special 2 yr pricing instead of the full retail cost.  We were guinea pigs for this phone and they need to pull it!!!!!

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Re: Hate my Revolution

Agree. I stupidly bought my son one for Christmas and it has been nothing but trouble. He has to pull the battery a couple of times a day. There was apparently a gingerbread rom update for it last year which was pulled and never replaced.

Kicking myself because I should have known better as LG products in general have burned me before. Never again.

Re: Hate my Revolution

The phone was replaced, In their store at least. They know the phone is garbage but refuse to do anything about it. they wont even replace it with the phone that replaced it( the spectrum). Which would be a blessing compared to the nightmare revolution, but still kinda sketchy because its still an LG. I just posted about this exact thing:

"Just got off of the phone for the 5th time since I've owned my LG revolution(6 months now). Every time i complain about the same issues that I've had since purchasing the phone(random resets, 4hr battery life THANKS BLOATWARE!, internet bogging and dropping, freezing at least twice a day). I calmly asked if they could replace my garbage phone for a different phone, possibly even the spectrum that replaced the revolution for obvious reasons.. They refuse and say the only thing that they can do is send me another revolution. I asked what if i get the new phone and it had the same issues. He replied with "then we would send you another revolution." So... let me get this straight... a phone that got replaced and is not even available for purchase anymore will just keep getting replaced by the same garbage phone even though they all have the same issues? What a joke.. They told me the other options were to buy a new device at full price, open a new line and pay the discounted price along with the extra monthly for the new line i don't need, or purchase a pre-owned device for another $400... Oh joy.. exactly what i want to do, spend even MORE money with a company that's customer service is obviously a complete joke. I just spent $300 on this phone, and now my only options are to spend more money... Hmm sounds like a GREAT deal Verizon! TAKE ALL MY MONEY! I pay $104 a month for one line as it is, never had an insurance claim or any other problems, and i have one issue and they cant even replace a rather obvious problem with a different phone. Also requested them to lift the early termination so i could go to a company that will treat their customers a little better and they also refused to do that."