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I will never own another LG phone as long as I live.

I will never own another LG phone as long as I live  I am so mad I could spit nails!!!!!! Come Monday I will have my 5th LG G2.  This last tech support person had the nerve to tell me that she has personally seen the process these refurbished phones go through and they are good as new when finished and can't understand why I'm have this problem.  Really as if it's my fault this phone is a piece of crap, like I want to have to go to the trouble every week to reset all my settings on my phone, like I have time for that.  To top it all off I pay 10.00 a month for the protection plan only to find out when I file a claim that it's not covered.  REALLY!!!!!!!!  Verizon you have sorry customer support when it comes to replacing phones.  I think it's time to find a new carrier.  Anyone eles experience this?

Re: I will never own another LG phone as long as I live.

First...what seems to be your malfunction?  You don't ask a question or seem to be looking for a solution.  You seem to be fussing.

Second...I will admit that I am on my 2nd or 3rd G2, but this is due to OTA updates.  I have never had an issue with the phone as LG meant it to be.  With that said, I have the $8 plan.  The $10 plan only includes more bloatware for which other apps can accomplish.  Also, there's no way VZW would cover a $500-700 phone for only $10 with NO deductible.  When you sign up you KNOW by reading the terms that there is a $99 fee through Asurion, who is VZW's insurance provider.  I have had all makes of smartphones from HTC, LG, Moto, and Samsung.  Every one of them has had issues around an update, but never just as is, meaning I have never had hardware or software issues that were NOT update related.  Others have I know, but Android-based phones require a bit of knowledge and understanding as to how they work at the core level and how they work with other 3rd party apps and accessories.  This takes time and isn't as straight-forward as Apple's OS.  By the same token, Android isn't as locked-down either.  There is an initial compromise, but in the end knowledge compensates and brings a balance.

Re: I will never own another LG phone as long as I live.

I fyou are getting them replaced by Asurion, after the third replacement, you need to demand a new one. You'll get one, but you have to ask.