Internet is dropping on 4G Hotspot.


Rev Android v2.2.2

Plan Unlimited Data

Service 3G area



Windows Vista Ultimate x86 (32bit)

Atheos Wireless Network Card.


I have a Revolution that is dropping internet connection randomly. The issues is getting worse and worse.  The computer(s) stays connected to the hotspot but with local connection only. The internet  will return at random.  Sometimes in a few seconds sometimes a couple hours.  It seems that the phone itself still has internet connection can go to the Marketplace.  Any Ideas on what the issues is?


I have tried

on the phone:

1) Pulling SIM and battery for 5 mins

2) Resetting the Hotspot name and encryption

3) Removed encryption.

4) Enabled and disable MAC filtering.


On the Computer:

1) Updated the system

2) Removed all wireless networks

3) Unistalled and reinstall wireless drivers

4) Connected successfully and sustained connection with iPhone 4 OS 4.3.3 on AT&T


My thoughts  network is overloaded, happens more at night. and weekends.


Re: Internet is dropping on 4G Hotspot.
Verizon Employee

Hi BryanB! I can help with this! First I would like you to check your current usage on your unlimited plan. How many gigabytes have you used in the current billing cycle? You can check that through VZ Access Manager or by logging on to My Verizon. Next, I need to know what times of the day you're noticing the drops. I also need to know where you're using the service. Thanks!

Re: Internet is dropping on 4G Hotspot.

I am having the same problem, and what I noticed was that when my hotspot dropped my phone had connected to wifi.  I told my phone not to search for / connect to wifi unless I asked it to, and so far, so good.