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LG G2 Battery Life Worse After Kit Kat Update

Since I got the KK update for my G2 my battery life has been much worse.  I used to get through the work day (7a to 6p) with approx. 70-80% battery life left.  During the work day I may browse the web for a few minutes, play games for about 10 mins, and check my work email.  So, i wouldn't call myself a heavy user. In addition, before the KK update I left my screen brightness around 50%, always left WiFi on (even though I only can connect to Wifi at home), and had push sync on my work email.

When I first got this phone I came from an HTC Rezound which had terrible battery life. I constantly charged that phone throughout the day, but I could barely make it through the work day with light to moderate usage.  Unfortunately, since the KitKat update my G2 has been very similar to the Rezound where I'm down to about 20-30% battery life at the end of the work day.

I don't know how to explain it but I feel like normal usage sucks down the battery quicker and the phone uses more battery when not in use.  I also have never paired my phone with any other bluetooth devices and it's constantly using 5% of bluetooth.

Here are the things I've tried that have not made any difference:

- Factory Data Reset (x2)

- Lowering Screen Brightness

- Turning wifi off when not in use

- Going to Setting -> Wifi -> Advance Wi-Fi -> selecting "Battery saving for Wi-Fi"

- Going to Settings -> Location -> Mode -> Setting to "Battery saving"

- Going to Settings -> Tethering & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> System Select -> Network Mode -> Selecting "LTE/CDMA"

All of these things done independently and all together don't seem to make any difference.  It's even strange that after 2 FDRs that I still have the 5% bluetooth usage. I do notice that the Screen is using approx 25% of the battery, Android System is using about 22%, and Google Services is using 10% on average.

I'm extremely unhappy with this KK update. I wish I could just go back to JB.  This update hasn't improved anything and it's made this phone worse.

Re: LG G2 Battery Life Worse After Kit Kat Update

Mine is also doing the same thing and is also getting really hot.Its only 2 weeks old.last one the screen stopped working on me