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I HAVE A FIX!! I don't know if it will work for you...and it may sound stupid it's so simple...but I've had 3 phones back to back have the problem of MMS (picture msg) not working ("attachment size limit exceeded" when sending and the broken gray box when receiving pics) I had tried EVERY suggestion on all the threads, suggestions from reps on line and over phone to reps in store...BUT last night someone suggested what worked for them...and IT WORKED!!! Start by pressing and holding the home key until all your running apps appear. Clear them all. Turn your phone OFF for a FULL MINUTE. After a full minute, turn the phone back on. IDK why or how but mine started working immediately! (both sending AND receiving!) After 3 phones and 2 months of nothing working it's back. GOOD LUCK!

Re: LG G2 MMS FIX!!!

I tried this and it did not work.

My wife and me both got a LG G2 about a month ago. Neither one of us can send MMS or upload pictures anywhere online, including social media. Eeven if we use the social media apps instead of the browser we still cannot upload pictures. Before anyone says it, yes, we are using the mobile data, not WiFi.

I have seen all kinds of "solutions" and we both have tried them. The one above did not work for us. Neither did erasing the cache and data from the Google plus app. A factory reset didn't help either.

I just don't understand why verizon has not gotten a solution from the manufacturer.

Re: LG G2 MMS FIX!!!

SUCCESS! figured it out myself after 6 months of it never working on my G2. I mean never, from day one would an SMS pix msg send or receive. And none of the techs could solve it no matter what tedious things they tried. All you do is take the damn network OFF of Global and set it back to LTE (i.e. the 4G network). Truly, it worked instantly. And i've never left the US with the phone anyway to need global and it seems to be set there automatically and prompts you often if you lose a signal in a dead area to use the global setting. But that is the problem. Hope this helps the thousands of LG G2 owners who've all chimed in here. And really Verizon level 2 or 3 techs, you should've solved this a looooooong time ago. SMS from a LG G2 = network NOT on global ever.

Re: LG G2 MMS FIX!!!

It worked for me!!  I was so frustrated since I have only had the phone for a couple of weeks and my family LOVES sending pictures!