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Good morning all...

So I just got the LG G2 last night, hmmm gorgeous screen, very responsive, but that's about where the Pros end SO FAR....

Im trying to get used to the whole buttons on the back design, good thing for knock knock on/off feature Smiley Happy

As stated on another post, the 4G LTE is not working, it connects and drops after a couple of minutes.. yes yes ALL the settings are right, and no, no other app installed that might turn it off, it's just a phone defect. (for now I hope).

Also, has anyone been able to disable word prediction?

I removed ALL settings related to it but it still comes up when you type, I have restarted the phone and still nothing, it comes up even though the option is not checked.

This leads me to my next question, I know the phone is fast, but it can't be THAT fast... I went everywhere I could think off to disable fast boot but could not find the option, is there a hidden menu to do so? I want to fully turn it off and power cycle it to see if it helps with any of the issues I am having...

One thing I can try today is just do a factory reset and see if that works.

Thank you all

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Hi there Tha187um,

Getting a new phone is always exciting, even if it takes a bit of time to get used to! Let's make sure we review all options to help get you more acquainted!

I checked in to the LTE concern and didn't see any other reports directly to us or our LG liason. Do you notice the LTE drop when using a certain app or service? Once you're done with the data connection does it go back to LTE?

For word prediction please go to Settings > Language & Input > Tap on the Gear/Cog next to LG Keyboard and uncheck Word Suggestion

I was also unable to find a way to alter the fast boot option. Normally this type of feature would be found under Power or Battery in settings. You can find user manuals for our devices right here: vzw.com/phoneguides

Let me know how your phone is working once you completed the factory reset.


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Thank you for the reply, it is definitely a problem with the device.

it does this with no apps running, it did this brand new out of the box, it

does it right after a factory reset (which I have done 2 already).

If I power off the phone and turn it back on, it connects to LTE, 2 minutes

after the phone being idle OR being used (it doesn't make a different if

I'm using it or not) the connection drops and goes back to 3G,

I have switched back and forth from 3G/LTE, to Global, to CDMA 3G and it

doesn't make a difference.

I will take the phone back to the store this weekend, unfortunately I was

the first person buying the phone at the location so they were not aware of

any problems.

As to the settings for word prediction, I had done that already but it

makes no changes whatsoever.

Thanks again

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