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LG G2 siganl problems

I have lived in the same place for 8 years.  I have had multiple phones, basic and smartphones.  I have always had very good service at my home, cellular and data.  Ever since the kitkat update was sent out, this can no longer be said.  I can not talk on my phone inside of my house.  I barley have 3G data, let alone 4G.  A lot of times it is on 1X, with barley in signal.  I have done a factory reset numerous times.  I have tried new SIM cards.  I have booted into safe mode to rule apps.  Nothing works.  This exact phone worked fine until it received the kitkat update.  My signal issues did not start until kitkat.  The signal is poor most of the time.  One bar at best, sometimes no service at all, including data.  I have always had at least 3G here.  Now, sometimes I don't even have that, only 1X.  I did have 4G sometimes prior to kitkat.  I never have 4G after the update when I am at home.  If I didn't have WIFI in my home, my data connection would be useless.  What good is a phone if I can't use it at home.  Remember, this has NEVER been a problem in the past.  My phone gets upgraded, then the trouble starts.  I know when this phone received kitkat, the device's radio was upgraded to a new baseband.  The baseband in JellyBean 4.3 worked just fine, good signal.  This has become very frustrating and has been going on for several months.  Any suggestions besides the standard ones like factory reset or new SIM card?  The GPS doesn't work properly and the battery has very poor life with kitkat as well.  As far as the GPS I have made sure high accuracy is turned on everytime.  When and if it finds my location, the location is way wrong and can take several minutes to find the actual location.  The battery, I know I know.  All I know is, before kitkat, AWESOME battery.  I went 3 days once on a single charge.  Now, I'm lucky to make it a day.  I have location off unless I need it.  I have the Google Now stuff turned off as well.  All to try and help the batery life.  Part of the problem is it searches for signal more than it should.  I just want my phone to work again, like it did with JellyBean 4.3.  I am getting a call as we speak, and it is the third dropped call today.  Every day I receive voice mails, and the phone never rings.  This mostly happens when I am at home.  Enough is enough.  PLEASE FIX THIS DEVICE!!!!