LG REVO - More issues

I have had problems with my LG Revo also. Having reviewed the numerous and consistant problems in the discussion topics, I cannot believe that Verizon continues to defend this product. Why is is always our fault that this P.O.S. does not work? I have had problems with my corporate email account. (Gmail is OK). Having talked with Verizon Tech support at the store and on the phone, the phone was finally replaced and the problems continued. Eventually someone at Verizon suggested the provider of the software for the LG emails was the issue. We downloaded K-9 email and everything works fine now. Other than the fact I really don't like using K-9, (a familiarity issue mostly) it appears that was the problem. By the way, my corporate Tech Support says I am the only one with that email issue and they agree it could be the software provider.