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LG Revo=Terrible Let Down

This phone has been a huge problem since day one.  The battery life is terrible no matter what settings your tweak data on off etc... this phone cannot get more then 7 hours.  Recommendations have been to purchase the extended battery but honestly if I'm paying for what should be a state of the art phone I should not have to buy it.  Since the Gingerbread update I have had restart issues where the phone will vibrate and won't restart until I take the battery out. After hours of investigation it appears this is related to the vibration so for over a month I have had to turn off vibrating functionality on the soft keys, texts, emails, phone calls everything.  Unacceptable. 

Now I find out that Verizon is no longer offering the device, clearing inventory by selling it at deep discount.  That only signals Verizon has declared this device a failure no longer wishing to invest in the device, leaving customers holding the bag for all the problems this phone has.  Again unacceptable. 

"We never stop working for you" is your motto yet clearly you have stopped (yes, I am a corporate shareholder, I do receive your annual report and I do read it).  All and all this is phone has been just awful and is a clear failure of support and communication between end users LG and Verizon. 

Re: LG Revo=Terrible Let Down
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Good morning!

I'm sorry for the frustration you are being caused by the device issues. I want to assure you that we continue to sell and support this device. Like any device it will eventually be retired, however we will still support it, along with LG. I do recommend enabling 'safe mode' for a day or so to see if it runs any better. If you notice the phone runs without issue in safe mode, it is one or more applications causing the problems. It'd be best to uninstall apps one by one to resolve or complete a hard reset. Keep in mind, with a hard reset to re-install applications slowly so you do not repeat the issues by getting the bad app/apps again. Also, ensure your information is backed up to Gmail/Google.

Thank you


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Re: LG Revo=Terrible Let Down

AdamE_VZW - I have never installed any apps on my Revolution and have the same problems as above (plus quite a few more). Was told it is most likely an issue with a pre-loaded app on the phone (which cannot be deleted).