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LG Revolution - Constant issues

I have a laundry list of issues with my Revolution that has plagued me since i bought this device almost a year ago... 

-  Texts sent to me do not arrive:  i have actually had 3 friends sitting in the room with me send me a test message, out of the 3 i would get 1 sometimes 2 of the messages, the others are lost to cyberspace

-  Constant loss of data network:  i'd contribute it to a single tower or area of my town however it happens when i'm out on the road and randomly...

-  Constant reboots:  does it when loading random apps, and even more frequently when using the web browser

-  Cannot send text messages:  they stick under "sending" and never go out, the ones that do go out send 10-15 times spamming the phone of the person i am trying to text

-  Phone app randomly closes:  when on the phone, it will randomly disconnect and close the phone app as though i hung up, occurs randomly with no real reason/repeatable cause.

-  Terrible battery life:  I bought two batteries because i go through 2-3 full charges in a day using the phone very little...

Now here is what i have done from my side, i've rebooted and pulled the batteries till i'm blue in the face, i've done multiple factory resets, and i've pulled the external sd card to make sure it wasnt having some kind of hardware compatibility issue.  nothing has helped.  can this phone be replaced under the extended warranty i have?  this has got to be the worst experience i've ever had with a smart phone device...

Re: LG Revolution - Constant issues

I just got done reading through a number of other complaints, and I've had the very same issues. It started out doing ok, but seems to be in the last 6-8 months that issues started.   In addition, to what was stated above, I've had my phone randomly freeze - while not even in any apps, battery refuses to charge at times - I have to pull the battery out and restart.  Sometimes it will reboot itself, the google map can never find my location, calls will go straight to VM, etc.  The only good thing about this phone has been the battery life.  I can get through a whole day unless I'm using the mobile hotspot or using FB a lot. 

I want to know, also, if I can get this phone replaced with a totally different phone?  I hate this phone!! Smiley Sad

Re: LG Revolution - Constant issues

I absolutely HATE this phone! All the same issues with not receiving texts, receiving multiple texts, receiving texts but not getting either the notification light or sound or even the new text icon! Google can never find my location. My personalized VM message just randomly changed to the default one day.

Also the screen constantly freeze up. Sometimes the keyboard will decide to follow me around from screen to screen where there aren't even fields to type in.

And sometimes my alarm snooze decides to not go off. I can see in the notification bar that it is set but it just never went off. My phone is my only alarm! It's also my MP3 player, and my calendar and my toaster over. I need these things to function! I power my phone off and on everyday. And remove the battery. And have tried the factory resets. I think next I'm going to run it though the washer and dryer and see if that helps!