LG Revolution Grp Texting/Downloading

I lost my iPhone a month ago and I knew this was going to be hard downgrading to a LG Revolution because I don' t have the money to pay full retail for a new one. I can get past the norm bs of this phone like the slowness, pressing "end" to end a call 5 times, screen blacking out when I receive a phone call, not receiving text messages here and there, etc. But when it comes to grp texting, I just don' t understand it. I try to add multiple recipients to a grp text and it will not let me add more than 1 person and kicks me out of the text. Also, when I receive a grp text (which I stand stand this phone grp texting cause you are not in the conversation but just in an individual conversation w/ the sender) it says "downloading" and sometimes, never downloads the text. I then have to call the sender to see what he/she wrote. Someone please help w/ this issue.


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