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LG Revolution Problems and Poor Customer Support
I have been having some of the same issues as other Revolution owners to include:

The "phone" part of the phone doesn't operate properly at random times, leaving me staring at a blank screen and preventing me from answering phone calls (which is really "helpful" when you're waiting on updates on your son who is in the hospital)

The phone has major issues switching between 4G LTE data connection and 3G CDMA, locking any data transmissions and applications in place and preventing phone calls in the process.  Sometimes resolving itself after a few minutes, sometimes requiring a manual cycle of Airplane Mode or reboot.

Phone randomly reboots itself several times a day; seeming to correlate with the phone transitioning between 4G LTE and 3G coverage areas (I happen to live and work on the edge of the new 4G coverage range and experience this quite often through the day, making the phone very unreliable and almost useless)

Additionally, the phone will randomly lose all data connection whatsoever (including 1X), also seemingly during the process of trying to switch between 3G and 4G, leaving me with a device that is about as useful as a nightlight for several minutes or until I reboot it.  

There are also several other random issues such as: Screen staying blank with backlight on randomly when I press power button to wake it up; phone randomly locking on the Verizon 4G LTE screen when powering down; phone taking anywhere from 3-7 min to boot including the time it takes for the phone to complete "scanning media files", update contacts and applications list in the app drawer, and find at least the 3G connection (almost as bad as a Windows computer!)

It's very frustrating to have no reliable outlet for resolution to these types of critical problems.  With Android phones, we have Google for the Android OS, LG (or another manufacturer) for handset OS and firmware, and Verizon (or other carrier) for distribution, network and service.  For example, it took a 30 minute phone call to Verizon last night, talking to two people, before I was finally told that they were aware of some of the issues I was having with the Revolution and that a software update was "coming in late October" that "should fix some of my problems".  Funny thing is: it IS late October, and he couldn't give me a release date.  He also couldn't give me the list of fixes to known issues that he used when he read off a few of them to me.  And he only revealed the existence of this list to me AFTER first telling me that it might be a problem with other applications I have installed on the phone and recommending a factory reset (which I've already done twice since buying it two months ago).

I don't understand the terrible customer service strategy here.  There are known issues that are being commented on and blogged about all over the web, and even in THIS Verizon Wireless community forum, by frustrated owners of all the 4G handsets on Verizon and they are working in secret to fix "some of the issues" without telling us that a fix is coming.  

This all makes a customer who loves the flexibility, adaptability, and customizability of Android very strongly consider switching over to the iPhone to have a device (especially the PHONE part of it) that "just works". 
Re: LG Revolution Problems and Poor Customer Support

There is a software update out, Finally! But I am still having poroblems with the phone shutting off for no reason, just like you.

I am about ready to trade it in for something different.

Re: LG Revolution Problems and Poor Customer Support

I am a very patient person but this phone is ridiculous.  Again I have a voicemail on my phone but never got a call.  I've just about had it with not getting important text messages from friends and family.  My screen turns black and I can't pick up calls when it rings.  I can't open apps at times.  The phone shuts off and on on its own.  My job requires I have a reliable phone but this honestly is the worst phone I've had.

I have complained about this for the past 8 months to the store (about 6 times) and multiple phone calls to support.  Everyone just keeps leading me on like they have the solution (ie just change out the sim card) and they even sent me another LG Revolution and things just got even worse.  Its sad that I had faith in the salesman who recommended this phone over others I was interested in.  I have friends with other companies paying half the price I pay for their phone and services.  I just really wish there were recalls on such products and sales people would be truthful when selling faulty devices.  They wouldn't want the same done to them.  This is very sad.

Re: LG Revolution Problems and Poor Customer Support

Oh boy,,,what am i in for?  I just switched from a Stratosphere to an old Revolution because the Strato wouldn't turn on.  Just says Samsung.. The Revolution is over 2 years old and only replaced because someone wanted a Galaxy.

Maybe I'll be lucky and it will continue to work okay for txt and phone.  Other person complained because it froze up playing all the stupid games.