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LG Revolution failing to completly boot up.


I have had my revolution since the first week of june its been now about 4 or 5 months and this phone one day decides to go nuts. all i did was turn it off then when i tried to turn it back on it would boot only to the lg logo then restart and it would stay looping like this till the battery was all drained out. i love this phone but now i have to get the referbished replacment for this phone and i think that that is bull**bleep** since i had nothing to do with my phone going bad. Im reading alot of comments about this phone and lg has got to put a mager update to fix alot of these problems, how can you have so many phones going bad, this phone would def be in my top 5 choice if it wasnt for all the bugs. LG you are a giant corporation stop laying there and do something about these mess ups. Im getting my new phone this week and i swear if this phone goes crazy on me for no reason imma flip a switch. Anyway i was just woundering how many people are having the same problem. ( oooooo yea i tried to do a hard reset cant even do that the phone is done cant do nothing with it. )

Re: LG Revolution failing to completely boot up.

Hello!! You are not alone. I have the same issue and VERIZON will not do anything about it. They put the blame on LG. My phone did it again today. This will be my fourth phone, NOT!!!! I will not take another one anymore!!! They need to change me out and put me on another phone! It's not like I'm getting it for free!!!! C'mon VERIZON GET IT TOGETHER! I'm really thinking of switching carriers!

Re: LG Revolution failing to completely boot up.
Verizon Employee

I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. 




Have you attempted a master reset? This may help resolve the issue you are experiencing. I suggest trying a master reset. Please keep in mind that this will erase all data on the device including downloaded applications, and resets the phone back to its initial state. Make sure to back up your phone before the master reset. Below I have included two options of performing a master reset:


Option 1:


1. From the home screen, touch Menu

2. Touch Settings

3. Touch Privacy

4. Touch Factory data reset

5. Tap Reset phone

6. Tap Erase everything


Options 2:


1. Press off device by pressing Power Key (upper-right corner)

2. Select Power Off
3. Press and hold the Volume down key then press the Power key
4. Screen will display message: Permanently Erase User Data & Reset Settings?

5. Press Power Key to confirm or any other key to cancel 


Keep in mind that this reset may take anywhere from 1 - 10 minutes for reset and restart depending on amount of data on device.




You mentioned that you were unable to perform the master reset through Settings because the phone would not respond. I suggest you attempt the master reset by following the steps I provided above in Option 2.


@cfedmartinez and icelife2001,


If your phones are still not booting up after the master reset please let us know so we can further troubleshoot.



Re: LG Revolution failing to completely boot up.

We have done all of the above! At the VERIZON Store and through tech support. But the problem still persists. All VERIZON says is, "Will make a note on your acct!" OR "I'ts a LG problem and they are working on it!"Its getting to the point that I will let all my cell phones, netbook and tab finish out the contract and go to another carrier. The customer service is or has gotten out of hand!!!! I'm being forced to stay with a phone that does not deliver what it has promised! My netbook is dead too!