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LG Revolution frozen, cannot even get to work in Safe Mode

I've had my LG Revolution phone for nearly ten months now. Everything worked great for the first few months, however I started having problems with the phone freezing randomly in about June. I'd pull out the battery, turn the phone back on and everything would be fine. However, in the past two months or so, my phone will completely lock up. I'll pull the battery and put it back in, but when I re-boot the phone, only the status bar will come up. The rest of the screen remains blank. My wallpapers don't come up, nothing. I cannot unlock the phone by sliding up with my thumb or anything. Again, the status bar works - I just can't get anything else to work on the phone. The only time I can even get the screen to light up is immediately after I plug it in. The status bar will show I have e-mail or text messages or voice mails, but I'm completely unable to unlock the screen to view any of this stuff. Even the time on the upper right hand stays current - but again, the main screen will lock in at whatever time I re-booted the phone. It says "No Service" even when I'm in an area where I have perfect signal and I'm on the 4G Network. I've tried removing the memory card and SIM card and re-booting without either one of them in. I get the same problem. When my alarm goes off, I can still hit the snooze button or turn it off - but the phone goes immediately back to a black screen. I can even receive phone calls, but again the screen reverts back to it's previous state once I end the call. The main screen even looks weird, as the "Slide up to unlock" words at the bottom of the screen are below the face plate, making them only half visible. This has happened four times in the last two months. While in this state, the phone eats up the battery. While I can usually get the battery to last all day, if my phone is locked up like this, I can't get it to stay charged for more than 5 - 6 hours. While doing some research, I found out how to re-start the phone in Safe Mode. Even in Safe Mode, I get the exact same problem. The status bar shows everything is perfectly fine - but the main part of the screen is screwy, as I've mentioned above. The previous times, after about 8 - 10 hours, my phone will suddenly light up and my background will come on and I will get the sound that I've received new messages, etc. The phone will then work perfectly fine. I'm hesitant to take it into a store or call customer service - all they're going to do is do the same stuff I've already tried in order to get the phone to work normally. I'd like to try a factory reset to see if it will work properly then, but according to the help screen, if it is an app that is causing the problem, the phone should work fine in Safe Mode - and again, as I've said, my phone remains frozen/locked even in Safe Mode. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.