LG Revolution issues.

I am on my 3rd revolution now.  This phone has been non stop pain since I have received it.  I have provided a list of issues that I have with the phone which are fairly common with this phone.

1. Receive random force closes when inside any multitude of applications.  ie. Facebook, youtube, play store.

2. The battery life is atrocious even with the extended 3000mah battery.  (BTW Verizon rep said that is normal. Kinda odd since the Droid Maxx has 3300 and lasts up to 15 hours.)

3. Phone will start vibrating and then reboot itself.

4. No chance of getting upgraded to ICS.  (Not issue with phone just developer and Verizon saying it will.)

5.  Reboots at any time it feels.

6. When dialing a phone number it will not send the call until after a second call is placed. (Very odd issue does not happen every time.)

7. Touch screen is slow and sluggish to respond.

My revolution is running V9 and has these issues.  These issues even occurred when I did a factory reset and did not install any apps from the play store for 26 days.  After going to an authorized Verizon Wireless dealer I was told I can switch to a different phone but would need to pay full retail.  I could switch to their "alternative" phone which is a LG Enlighten.  So their preferred switch is a downgrade from the current phone that I have.  This just does not seem to be a good solution.  I have not found someone at Verizon that is willing to help me with my issues.  There response is just to keep replacing.

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