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LG Revolution not receiving texts

I am not receiving texts from any party. All users are sending texts to me and they never reach my phone. I can send text messages to them and they receive it, but there is no chance for my phone.  Smiley Sad It's been like this for two days.

What is going on with my phone?

Re: LG Revolution not receiving texts
Verizon Employee

Good morning danfrohm,

Texting is my primary means of communicating on my cell phone! I can certainly share you pain when there is an issue with text messaging. May I ask what software version do you have on your device? Also, how much available device memory do you have? I have a posted a few troubleshooting steps for you to try on the LG Revolution to get this issue resolved for you. They are as follows:

  • Check signal status and strength. (4G, 3G, or 1x)
  • Free up more device memory on the device.
  • Remove any signature or special characters from outgoing text messages.
  • Erase all threaded messages from inbox.
  • Check for any text messaging restrictions. (Usage Controls, My Verizon, device settings)
  • Uninstall any 3rd party messaging apps or emoticons apps.

  • Remove the battery & SIM from the device while it's on and reinsert.
  • Perform factory data reset on the device (See link below)

Keep in mind that a factory reset does erase all of your info out of the device. I recommend that you archive your contacts and calendar entries prior to completing this step. You have the option to use backup assistant, contacts only, or your Gmail account for your contacts and calendar entries. Once you have tried the steps noted above please reply with your findings as we, the community, hope that this resolves your issue. If you continue to have issues then please post your results so we can further assist.

Thank you...


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Re: LG Revolution not receiving texts

Isn't the point of having a signature on text messages available to use, to use it? Erase all messages from inbox? Remove the battery & SIM from device? And those are just a few of the reasons we may not be receiving texts, to me, this sounds like a lot of limitations just to be able to receive messages that we are supposed to be getting. Is there something wrong with the Revolution itself that we should know about? I heard that they were discontinuing the Revolution and replacing it with a new phone because of all the problems it has been experiencing. I don't receive text messages randomly or picture messages from people who use Iphones. I had two different people use their iphones to try to send me a picture and each time I only received the text that went along with the picture. Something is not right, and for me to reset my phone all the time just to make sure I get my messages sounds like a nuisance.

Re: LG Revolution not receiving texts

Shauna I feel the same way that why should I do a factory reset  on a weekly or every other day shedule as I am experiencing same problems. My daughter has VZW with an HTC Incredible and when she sends me pics I only get text and or a message that says that it expired even though she just sent it.