LG Revolution the pitts

This is the worst phone I have ever owned! It just freezes up, always in the open position with I'm on the Internet, or a phone call using my minutes and I can't close the app. And there is NO RECEPTION; I can be sitting right beside my WI-FI box at my computer and it still has no reception. I can't call up my contacts properly half of the time either, I'm typing in a C and it's calling up M's from my list. What the ??? OF COURSE Verizon won't take back the crummy phone, so has anyone found a software download or a remedy for these problems? I'd really appreciate any advice before it drives me over the edge.

Re: LG Revolution the pitts
VZ Employee Emeritus

Hi pinchopast, I'm sorry your having so many issues with your device. I understand how frustrating this is for you and would like to offer some help. I researched your issue in more detail and found it has been reported by other customers with your device. We are working on a fix for it that can resolve the issues with the phone freezing. To resolve some of the minor issues, I recommend a few steps. First try clearing the cache/browser history with these steps http://bit.ly/rVgoxE . Secondly, ensure your power cycling your phone periodically to reconnect with the network and clearing old text threads. The last step is to reset the phone. I have listed a link below with the steps to reset your device.


If you continue to have issues, we may need to replace your device with a certified like new phone of the same model you have. Please keep us posted.


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