LG Revolution

How do I get rid of this problem message when I try to open my e-mail?  I've tried removing the battery and several other things but I still can' t open my email I keep getting the following message

! Sorry

  The application email (processcom.lge.email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again

Re: LG Revolution

I can tell you exactly what VZW customer service will tell you...

perform a factory reset (this will delete all data on your phone)  and reload everything slowly.  this will only give you a few days or maybe a few weeks where it will work ok. 

Most likely your revolution will continue to have problems until you replace it with a non defective handset. (as in not an LG phone)  If you can't tell I greatly dislike my phone and the manner in which verizon customer service has dealt with it.

getting rid of my i phone was the worst mistake I ever made.  I should have stayed with AT&T and lived with 3g instead of 4g speed at least that way I'd have a $300 phone that worked right not one that forced close programs and required battery pulls every other day.