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This phone is the worst phone I've ever had. I have complained multiple times with verizon, thinking since I have a warantee and my phones covered, they would at least give me a new phone by now since I've been with them for 5 years. The phone shuts off and on about 7-8 times in a day. I dont get important texts and people dont get my texts or calls sometimes. Can't listen to Slacker without it just turning off and on a few times. Seriously today is my last day complaining about this phone to verizon and if it is not resolved them screw verizon! Here I come AT&T!!!

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nimi831, I'm sorry you’re experiencing issues with this device. When a phone continues to shut off, it becomes very frustrating and causes you to not use your phone effectively. I would be upset also and we certainly do not want to loose you because of this. I reviewed your issue in more detail and found it has been reported by customers and we are working with the manufacturer to fix the issues. Were hoping for an update to this phone in the future.

Additionally, I also recommend during this time to clear the cache and browser history periodically. This process can prevent the phone from running slow which can sometimes cause it to freeze/shut down. Many customers also try putting the phone in to safe mode. Safe Mode temporarily disables all applications that have been installed via the Android Market. Performing this step can determine whether a 3rd party application is the cause of an Operating System issue. I have listed steps to perform safe mode and to clear the cache/browser history below.

--To enable safe mode with the device powered down, press the power button

--When the LG Logo screen appears, press and hold the volume down key. 

--Release the volume down key when Safe mode is displayed at the lower-left.
--While in Safe Mode, remove the most recently installed applications. 

--Power cycle the device then attempt to use the device. 

--If the device works properly, install applications one at a time to identify the application causing the problem.

(To disable Safe Mode Press and hold the Power button (upper-right corner)>select restart)

Steps to clear cache/browser history:

  1. From the Home screen, select Apps.
  2. Select Browser (under News & search)

  3. Select the menu icon (lower-left corner).

  4. Select More.  

  5. Select Settings.  

  6. From the Privacy settings section, select Clear cache.
    Note Visited website content stored on the device.  Since the browser only downloads changed content, pages are loaded faster.

  7. Select OK.

  8. Select Clear history.
    Note A listing of URLs (website addresses) that have been recently visited.

  9. Select OK.

  10. Select Clear all cookie data.
    Note Cookies are used to store information that helps personalize the Web browsing experience. Cookies may contain information including: website preferences, login settings, shopping cart contents and more.

  11. Select OK.


Lastly, if you continue to have issues with your phone and the above steps do not resolve your issue we will need to replace your device if you’re still under warranty and there is no physical or water damage to your device. The device will be the same model you currently have.


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