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LG Spectrum - MS Exchange Email Connection Error

I'd been checking my company email (MS Exchange 2007, I believe) using my LG Spectrum til 5/19 (although it used to have a serious issue with calendar notification; it notifies you even after the event in every 10 minutes).  Then suddenly, it stopped collecting email. It turns out I have an Exchange Email connection problem (w/ 4G network). This began when Verizon rolled out an update for LG Spectrum to Android v2.3.6 as of 5/17/2012. I was glad to read they fixed the calendar bug, but what is this?

After I talked with a tech support at both Verizon and LG (btw, don't call LG tech support - they put you on hold for 30 minutes, all the guy could do is to do factory reset and it was wasting time), and then went through different apps, I had to turn to one called Moxier Mail - it connects the email server with NO problem. So obviously this is an issue from the email software with MS Exchange. At this point, I'm not sure how long I can use Moxier Mail -- it seems it's a trial version and free for a limited time -- I don't want to pay for something that comes with the phone (yeah, I am cheap!).

The Verizon tech support told me they haven't received any complaint regarding this, so it could be my phone. Please alert me if you use the same phone and experience the same issue - if this is a defect, I would like to replace my phone; otherwise, we can ask them to fix the bug.