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LG revolution 4G LTE stinks

I got the LG Revolution 4G the second week of December last year.

Thought it would be a good cell. What a load of CRAP!!!

It started to freeze up so I would just take the cover off

after I would power down. Pull the battery out and reboot.

That didn't help!  So I started calling Verizon. Their customer service

told me that the phone was new and they would be looking into it.

Yet,. they never loaded it into my account that I contacted them,

They have the worse customer service I have ever seen.

Finally, I got so tired of the crap that I contacted them again in April.

They told me that I could take it to the store after they tried the factory reset over the phone with me

and added that one note to the account.

I went to get up one morning and the phone was frozen. stayed

frozen for 4 1/2 hours. I left it frozen and took it to the store since I was headed to town

anyways, The dumb blonde behind the counter asks me questions and then takes the

]cover off the phone without looking at it.

And pulls the battery out. (resets the cell)

Idiot!  I blasted her across the counter because I could have done that.  I wanted them to see that the cell

was frozen.  I mean I could have done that without wasting the gas to go to the store.  She hands it off to the tech

fellow who hard reset it and sent me on my way. IDIOTS!!!

I went to GA for the weekend for a death in the family. Phone started to freeze again,

When I returned from GA, I contacted Verizon and they told me that they would send another phone - a new one.

I agreed. And they told me to send the one that was freezing up to them.  So I did.

The replacement phone froze up too when I was activating it. Then I called them again,

(Yet, the replacement phone was a reconditioned phone - not a new one as promised!)

So I was put in contact with the manager (Larry Davies) who promised me a

better phone.  I received two days later (was promised the next day - LIARS) and yes,

it was another reconditioned phone. When I contacted the customer service,

they said they could replace it with another LG phone but a step under. Not another 4G phone

but the LG enlighten (that is a step down - hello) I am more than mad - I am PO'd.

Please advise. I am putting a copy of this in the box being sent back Fedex and emailing this to the manager

that said he was trying to help me. I am about to tell them that I am going to go to another company cause

they haven't done anything or kept to their word!!!  And I can't even receive some texts and

I can't send any picture messages!!!