More LG Revolution woes

I'll just add my 10 cents to the revolution discussion.  I too recently purchased this phone and my experience pretty much mirrors what has been reported here.  Very difficult to end a call, screen going black after a call and staying black when another call comes in, (I missed an important business call because of that), sliding function (touch screen) very inconsistent, phone locks up, sometimes requiring battery removal, and various stability issues.

I upgraded the operating system to 2.3.4 soon after getting it and this helped the self-reboot problem.  Now it simply freezes up and waits for ME to reboot it.

Android reminds me of Windows 3.0, with all the immaturity, instability, and the general effect of never knowing what it's going to do next.  How much of this is Android and how much is LG hardware, I don't know.

The latest trick is that it refuses to connect to a computer via usb cable.  Yes, the setting are "mass storage" and "always ask".  Two different usb cables have been tried with 3 different Windows computers.  This phone has connected to these same computers and transferred data in the past.  The phone will charge via usb, but will not transfer data.  No error messages; the computer totally ignores the phone.  Yes, the drivers ARE installed on the computers.  As I said, this has worked in the past.

I went to the Verizon store where the phone was purchases and got blank stares.  Understandable; they were not tech support people.

I guess the thing that bothers we the worst is the feeling of helplessness.  I can't fix this thing, the store reps can't fix it, I don't think anyone can actually FIX it.  It will have to be replaced, and to do so, I have to start playing the tech support game; call, wait, try things like "reinstall the drivers", try an new cable, update windows, etc., knowing full well that the phone has connected to this computer before and all this will NOT fix the problem.

After my reading here, what I would want to do is pay the difference, and upgrade this phone to a Motorola Droid or iPhone.  However, when I say difference, I DO NOT mean the full retail price of the new phone.  That doesn't seem to be an option.  I will probably wind up with another LG Revolution, probably with a new set of problems.

Guess I might as well call Tech Support and start the process......