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Multiple Issues

I am having a terrible time with my LG Revolution. It had worked fine until a couple months ago when my moms picture messages stopped coming through, her and my father are on my contract, they both have LG Cosmos 2, then I stopped getting full messages. It seemed it was only with Iphone carriers but now its with anyone. I went through the internet and started reading about how others were experiencing the same thing.

I tried the safe mode and removing apps, I have tried the hard reset,  nothing has worked. I am using my phone just as it originally came in and it still does not work. I thought maybe it was my moms phone so I called customer service and went through some things. Her phone sends to anyone else just not my phone which leads me to think it is my phone. I do not want a refurbished phone considering I bought this one brand new.

Any thoughts or suggestions I may not have tried? I would almost rather try another model after reading about so many others with the same problems,