Need Help with Knox Software &Fake Google and Overwriting
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Okay, I did the factory hard reset and still have everything on my phone. All this music and Audible Data/Calendar previous storage that I never ever put on there. I just got this G2 yesterday. Also, all the extra keys for uninstalling and reporting and basically everything I need to fx it are hidden. Ths is my second phone in one week. I cannot get rid of this fake google/internet either. It stops my sms, my phone calls, my support. It turns my 4g on and ran my data through the roof.  I went to verizon and they just dismssed it and acted lke nothing was wrong gave me a new phone and stll the same thing. Its like someone is purposely undoing everything I can to fx it. Also, It has two of everything that has to do with google. It has disabled all the real google links and settings and replaced them with an imposter. Help me Help Me Help me! Oh and when I did the Factory reset , it sad it was rooted. I just got it yesterday. What do I do?

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You mentioned your getting a message that the phone is rooted. Where are you seeing this message? What is the current bilud and software version on your phone? Have you taken the phone into a VZW store to check the message you are seeing?


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