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Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)

I've had my phone for about 3 months, and this just started to happen recently. Occasionally I just don't receive text messages from my friends, whether they have Verizon or not. I've tried restarting my phone and leaving it off for a while, but nothing works.



Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)
Verizon Employee

Good morning dscribs.


I know some people mostly communicate via text message now days, even more than actual phone calls.  Therefore, I can totally relate to needing to receive all of your text messages.  Are you not receiving your messages altogether, or are they delayed?  Does this happen at a certain time of day, in certain areas, or from certain numbers?  The issue with  Delayed, Intermittent, and Missing Text Messages has been brought to our attention.  There is a software update being worked on to fix the delayed messages, and the missed messages issue is still being worked on.  There isn't a release date for the new update, but when it becomes available, you will be notified on your device, along with the steps to complete your update to push the update through.   


I'm happy to do some troubleshooting with you to see if we can get your messages to work.  Please send me a Private Message, and I will follow up with you.


Thank you,

Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)

I have been having the same problem and Verizon customer service has been unable to explain it or help. When I take out the battery and put it back in I start receiving texts (going forward), but I never receive the ones that didn't come through. It is completely unacceptable and I am furious. This has happened at least three times now. I am getting a different phone in hopes that this is an LG Revolution issue, but I swear if this happens with another phone and it is really a Verizon Wireless issue, I am going to switch.

Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)

I bought my LG Revolution on black friday and now I am starting to wonder if the "special price" $49.99 was worth it. I am not even sure I got a new phone but perhaps a refurb LG Revolution at that great price :smileysad:.  I am having the same issues with texts. I am NOT receiving texts mostly from a Iphone user but he has verizon. It happens mostly during evenings and late nights.  Also he tends to get my texts.. delayed like almost 10hours later ( this was a pic text) . I also get duplicate text messages... not just back to back but hour or two later.  LOTS OF PROBLEMS HERE VERIZON!!!!! Not sure if its the 4G network or what.. but they better come up with a fix and an update.  I am sick of this phone already and it has not even been a month yet


Other issues I am noticing:

Random phone turning off and on

Battery life sucks ( and NO i am not spending hours on it or have downloaded many apps at all)

Errors and forced closure of apps such as FB etc..



Going into the Verizon store tomorrow.. lets see what they can do for me..

Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)

This is happening to me as well. I've had friends not receiving my text and i'm not recieving theirs as well. I try turning my phone off taking out the battery and card, but nothing works.

Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)
Not applicable

That is very strange that your Revolution is not receiving messages. Have you sent yourself a message to yourself? Does it come in or is it delayed?  Are you using a 3rd party app for messages? As far as the delayed messages go, do you have delays in receiving picture messages, emails, or other notifications from social networks like Twitter or Facebook? Additionally, have you tried to do a master reset on your phone? If not please follow these instructions for the steps:


  1. From the home screen, touch Menu
  2. Touch Settings 
  3. Touch Privacy
  4. Touch Factory data reset
  5. Tap Reset phone 
  6. Tap Erase everything



Please answer these questions so I can resolve the messaging problem. Thanks.

Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)

I am having the same issue with my Revolution.  I have not received a text message since 11:08 pm on 12/26, however, my phone will send messages that come through almost immediately.  Let's add this to the laundry list of problems I already have:


  1. This phone constantly freezes or hangs.
  2. It restarts itself 3-4 times per day.
  3. It hangs often, and whatever application I am using force closes.  This is includes the home screen.
  4. Not receiving text messages.


I have already attempted troubleshooting on my own, because I have had to call customer support multiple times about this phone.


  • Toggle airplane mode
  • Remove 3rd party messaging app
  • Reboot
  • Factory Data reset


I am getting tired of having to download all my apps again.  As much as I pay for wireless service, I should be able to get a phone that works, and doesn't restart itself when I am trying to use it.



Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)

After numerous factory resets and my sis in law having all the same issues and just being sent another lg revolution with same problems...... I got rid of the phone yesterday..luckily I bought it on black Friday so I was still covered under holiday return policy.

This phone literally drove me nuts everyday for one month. No one or nothing could fix it. I reported my issues numerous times and verizon should really stop selling phone until lg finds a fix. I Warned everyone in store who was looking at the revolution what a {word filter avoidance} it is!!!!!

Getting iPhone delivered tomorrow since I now have ipad2 and want to sync them of ether w iCloud :smileyhappy:.

Good luck to everyone with revolution if u can get rid of it.......

Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)

I'm having the same problem with not receiving text messages.  It's been going on pretty much since I got the phone.  I don't think Verizon ever really did come up with an upgrade to fix this, and the people at my local VZ store have no idea what causes it.  I also have the issue of the phone dropping calls in the middle of a conversation or restarting itself mid-call, as well as the touch screen not working like it should - for instance, I can't disconnect a call until I tap the screen 8 or 10 times.  I'm getting frustrated, and their solution is to send me a reconditioned phone...I have NOT had the best of luck with these previously (most of them had worse glitches than the phone I was replacing), so I'm hoping this works and I don't have to go the $100.00 insurance replacement route...  This pretty much sucks....

Re: Not receiving all text messages (LG revolution)
Customer Support

Good Evening dkla911,

I know I would be concerned if my LG Revolution was performing the way you have described.

Have you verified that your software is up to date? The latest version is: VS910ZV8

Additionally, I recommend running the device in safe mode to see if the issues are being caused by third party apps.

If the handset still hasn't responded, please complete a hard reset.

I hope this information is helpful.


VZW Support
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