Not recieving texts

My wife and I recently switched to verizon from Sprint, we went from iphones to the LG G2 and we are having difficulty receiving texts.  It is primaritly an issue with other iphone users but we do not recieve texts from some android users as well.  I have gone online and deactivated our old iphones and the problem still exists, we do not have any text message apps or any blocked numbers.  Not sure what the issue is, i tried calling *611 but could not get a live person.  Has anyone else had this issue?


Re: Not recieving texts
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Community Leader

This could be several things... you said you recently switched from Sprint.  If you ported your number(s), it can take several days before the port is complete; a call to customer service to be sure all features are fully activated and functioning may be needed.  Unfortunately, getting through can be frustrating ... *611 or 800-922-0204 used to take no more than 2 or 3 minutes, but that has changed.  Smiley Sad

If you had iPhones before, and used iMessage, be aware that this has been troublesome when moving to Android.  You need to turn off the iPhones, and disassociate them from the your iTunes account.  Your friends that previously sent you iMessages need to check their settings to be sure they are sending you regular text messages.

Good luck....