On-Screen Phone?
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Did Verizon block this option? I downloaded the program from LG and installed it on a Win 7 & 8 machine and it will not find the phone.

Looking at the settings options on the phone, it does not look like it is supported on the Verizon version.

Am I missing something, or is this just Verizon dictating ease of access (or lack there of) to their users?

I am on my laptop a lot and this would keep me from picking up my phone when at the house!

From an article "LG G2′s On-Screen feature not only completely mimics your phone’s display on the screen of your Windows based laptop or desktop, but also gives you the ability to do practically anything by using the PC. In other words, you can reply to text messages and update your status on WhatsApp through your LG G2, while editing an important work related document on your PC."

All this without an additional app on the phone, not with the Verizon version.

Don't get me wrong, I love my G2 and I like Verizon's coverage, I am just wondering why they would disable this feature.

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