Phone will not stayed connected to any wifi networks

Bottom line, I cannot get the phone to stay connected to a wifi service regardless of where I might be trying to access a network.  I am currently living in Turkey and travel all over Europe and there hasn't been a wifi network in any of the half a dozen countries I have been in since I got the phone in January that have worked.  The phone will connect and remain connected for anywhere to 30s to 3m and then disconnect.  Once disconnected the phone will automatically reconnect to the network.  When I am attempting to work on specifics apps or use skype or anything requiring a constant connection it will obviously disconnect these services.  This makes using the phone, other than a paperweight or camera, virtually impossible.  I have tried 'forgetting' the networks and that doesn't resolve a thing.  Any other suggestions or ideas?  Thank you for helping to ease the frustration

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Hi DWG4,

That's awful! I can certainly understand your frustration with not being able to connect to a Wi-fi network. Did this issue start after downloading a new application or update? Has there been any liquid or physical damage to the device? Do you receive a specific error message when it disconnects the connection? Try placing the device in safe mode to see if the connection holds while in Wi-fi .

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