Problems with WiFi disconnects resolved
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I just received my LG G2 on Monday, took advantage of the $0.00 cost after coupon that I saw on last week. I love everything about the phone but was having problems staying connected to my WiFi router. I would drop the connection after a few minutes and any file download would typically drop after a megabyte or so, and it was reverting to 4G and eating up my data plan. I called VZW support and did some research on the web and decided before returning for a replacement G2 I would try a factory reset as some people stated in forum posts resolved problems. Once I did the factory reset all the WiFi connectivity issues have disappeared. I know that I got an OTA update to Android immediately after activation and so I was always running an updated version of the o/s but had never done a factory reset - I am guessing that the OTA testing is either assuming a factory reset after install OR the final OTA install step is not operating exactly as LG intended and another factory reset is required to properly initialize all the o/s driver firmware. Anyway I love the phone now and it really screams over WiFi now that the problem has been resolved.

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