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Receiving some but not all text messages

I have a Revolution and recently have been made aware by some angry friends that I have "ignored" their messages.  People will get my texts but I am not getting all of my messages from others.  I will get maybe two messages in a thread of 5 messages coming from one person. It is so odd.  I have tried taking out my battery, restarting etc...has this happened to anyone else? I obviously make phone calls a lot but I also communicate a lot via text and had no idea this was happening until I got yelled at twice about it. Nobody can figure out what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Receiving some but not all text messages
Customer Support

Let's get this figured out! Where are you located (zip code)? When did the problem begin? Are you using a 3rd party messaging application? Have you recently downloaded any new applications? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Re: Receiving some but not all text messages

I have the exact same issues with my Revolution as well. My phone picks and chooses when it wants to receive or send texts. I am asked almost daily at this point why I didn't write back in the text. My zip is 84121, but it happens in 84119 too. I do not use 3rd party apps, in fact I don't have many apps downloaded because I know sometimes they can have a glitch that will effect my phone. My manager at work and family send text which I miss, it's important that we get this issue resolved.

Thank you for your help.