Restore Contacts with Backup Assistant

Just upgraded  from Droid to LG Revolution. Backed up contacts on my old Droid and want to restore the contacts to my new LG Revolution using Backup Assistant. When I launch Backup Assistant, I have 4 options:

  • Last backup status
  • Backup time
  • Change PIN code
  • About

How do I restore my contacts that I previous backed up?



Re: Restore Contacts with Backup Assistant
Verizon Employee

Hello SpiralPath,


Were you able to retrieve those contacts? Click this link Backup Assistant (sign in) to check if contacts are available. You may sync directly from the site, by simply clicking sync on the right hand side (above contacts). 


You may also try to sync by adding your G-mail account to the your device then go to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Ensure Sync is on for G-mail account. You may also select Auto-sync. 


For additional information on how to restore contacts, click the link below:


Backup Assistant


Thank you,