Revolution LG Needs to be recalled

I have had issuses since I first purchased. No battery life,freezing,losing calls. Now on my second phone and won't even stay charged for 3 hours. After another call to cust. service after being in the store and a wonderful employee told me to restart phone with factory settings they are going to do a courtesy replacement.  Look VERIZON this phone is a piece of junk!! Paid for a phone and a service that is way to expensive and I can't even use. Courtesy replacement whatever this is not my fault your phone does not work quit making it sound that way. Other people have phones and run apps and play games and music which I don't also have 4G and there battery lasts and phone does not freeze. Why should I have service or a phone that I can't have any apps(weather,maps etc.) running. For once be a customer service company and replace this piece of junk phone with one that works.

Re: Revolution LG Needs to be recalled
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The main problem with Verizon wireless is that they make the customer be wrong.  Today, for the third time I exchanged my LG
Revolution phone.  Everything was going fine until the Manager made the comment that it was my use of the phone.  He stated, "I had several Apps on the phone!"  OMG, the Cache is full, he said.  I almost laughed--needless to say I ignored his response other than asking, "do you have a revolution?"  Well, he answered "no" I was wrong to even ask him---they stopped selling them 60 days after starting. 

I understand I can be wrong.  I bought the phone from Verizon wireless, I read its reviews which I am posting below...this
was on Verizon’s website, "the LG Revolution "is a major wow-machine. Superior speed is found when the 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and LG's 4G LTE modem are combined with Verizon's 4G LTE Network. This power-trio makes it
possible to download movies and games in seconds, shoot HD videos and share them instantly, seamlessly multitask and browse the web. Honestly, after one day with this device, you'll see mobile technology in a whole new way."


I read the above review listened to the Salesmen. I was wrong to listen to them.   I do believe the only thing correct is that
I see "Mobile Technology" with Verizon "power-trio" is the power that they cash my 150+ a month check --That’s power!!


SO I get my first phone it has a strange glitch that no one has ever seen, the screen just floats around.  Verizon assures me
this is a onetime problem, this NEW LG is the best on the market.  They replace it.  27 days later the new phone locks, freezes,
or crashes every day for the past 7 months. 
I hard reset this phone at least 5 times in 3 months, before calling Verizon.  I then call Verizon hard reset
it two more times with the 2nd tier problem solvers. 

Every time I am on the phone to tier 2 customer support, I get the phone is bad.  Each time I walk into Verizon, I am told by a
person it is something I am doing.  Each time I ask for a different phone, I offer to pay just let me change the phone.


I have discovered the most important thing to know with the Revolution, I have been WRONG to STAY with VERIZON. 

Re: Revolution LG Needs to be recalled
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You need to contact LG, not Verizon.

Your contract covers your LG phone, you can't get an HTC from Verizon.

Contact LG. see if they have another device to give you.

You say the phone freezes, well so do a lot of android phones. Do you have advanced task killer? Have you ever formatted your SD card? Have you ever run the phone with zero apps no gmail at all to see if its the phone or what you are doing with it?

Thousands of people have the revoultion and have ZERO problems. If the phone was bad they would recall it, like so many phones in the past.

You can buy any phone at full retail and use that one if you want. HIt ebay sometime

Re: Revolution LG Needs to be recalled
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The main reason I am posting again is I want to make sure that we are talking about our common problems with the LG Revolution.  It appears that some one did not read my post regarding the issues and begain saying I could be at fault thus I will reply on my behalf and no others.  I am trying to make sure that others don't get told it is their fault and believe it. 

First, if I apply my COMMONSENSE then I did not buy the phone from LG...I bought it from Verizon that is why I returned it to Verizon.  Yes, I have run the phone with no apps--it actually locked up more. 

As I stated the warranty does cover this phone and they are sending me a 3rd phone because it too is defective.  I am doing what has been offered.  However, some people attempt to place fault at my feet, just like Verizon Customer Service, the fault rests with the provider. Remeber I bought the phone form Verizon!!  Verizon is the one that made the statements as to quality.  If I bought the phone from EBAY or LG then I would contact EBAY or LG---I did not buy if from them.  I understand also, that I can spend more money on other compaines phones or buying phones from other areas.  Also remeber that Verizon offers you special deals to purchase phones, and they attach those deals to my Bill each month, for this reason only I am complaining to the correct company! 

I would love to see the numbers on the post which states ""Thousands of people have the revolution and have ZERO problems."  This phone was pulled from the shelves 60 days after purchase.   By the way, if you look at LG sight you will see that 56% of the people have a phone works that means that 44% of the people deal with what I deal with--thus of the "Thousands of people"  almost HALF of them are like me. If I ever get a good Revolution from these warranty replacements--then I on  my upgrade date I'll get a different phone.  So a statement that Thousands have zero problems should state that Thousands of people have problems--using LG's own sites numbers.  Also, remeber, I will not accept that this is my fault as the user because I am going to use the phone.  If this was my first Smartphone then I would trust Verizon.  I suspect that some people are living with the problem if they are told by Verizon that it is something they are doing because they dont know any different.  I will not.  I use the phone as it is warranted.  If it does not work then it is not my fault.  If an app is installed and it starts freezing, then I unistall it.  That is not the case--I can have apps or no apps and it locks. 

I have owned other smartphones and lived with the locks, freezes and random problems.  This phone is different it is a new or different problem each week.  They have screen locks, key locks, browser memory loss, problems with the screen wrap, and battery heating issues, phone will not start because its temp lock malfunctions and it will not start at an average temp of 62 degrees--at times. 

By the way--if you have an LG Revolution its not your fault?  If you own one then you should post--if not--this phone is nothing like the common android issues.