Revolution doesn't work unless 3G/4G is displayed on status bar

Since my phone updated itself back in November with the new software version, it won't make or recieve calls, send texts, connect to the internet (data), etc, unless it is showing 3G or 4G on top in the status bar next to the signal strength. I travel alot and sometimes it says it's roaming and sometimes it doesn't, but unless the 3G or 4G is showing, the phone doesn't work regardless of the signal strength. I never had this problem until November. Any suggestions? Also, the display has a jerky motion to it like watching a video stream on a computer with slow internet service. All help is appreciated.

Re: Revolution doesn't work unless 3G/4G is displayed on status bar
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Hi jman6977:

I'm here to help with your Revolution issue. There are some general things to try along with some specific steps related to your issue.  You mentioned that the 3G/4G issue happens when you're traveling, so I would imagine a setting is incorrect.  Try going to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile Networks> Check Data Enabled> Global Data Roaming Access> Check Global Data Roaming.

Some general things to try for the video lag is to pull the battery or clear the cache of your video playing app (example: YouTube). Go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> All> (find video app)> Clear Cache/Data/Force Stop. Reboot phone and retest.

Feel free to post your results and let us know what worked or any updates on the issue.


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