Revolution froze, won't boot

My first Revolution died in less than week; the battery got very hot, ran down fast, wouldn't re-charge.  Totally dead.  Got a new one at Verizon store.

In the past couple months, here is the problem I've had twice with this one: 

 I'm in the middle of using it, scrolling through the app tray looking for something when suddenly the screen goes dark, and phone starts the boot sequence.  The LG logo comes on, then the blue splash screen and the Verizon splash screen.  The soft keys light up, the screen goes dark, and stays that way.  About every 16 seconds, the phone gives a little single "buzz" but nothing else happens.  Keypresses do nothing.  The only way to interrupt it is to do a battery pull.

After the battery pull it stays off.  Putting it on the charger gets the initial LG logo, followed by the big animated "charging battery" graphic for a moment.  LED is green.  Tapping power button lights the screen, "charging battery" graphic is visible for a few seconds.

Holding the power button puts it back in the frozen boot.

Last time I did a hard reset power-on, which restored function but left me to start from scratch with setting up the phone, downloading apps, etc.  This is not an acceptable solution to have to deal with every month or two.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

Re: Revolution froze, won't boot

Sounds like a problem apparently or a corrupt file but since it effects boot I would say its a app... May want to try booting into safe mode..

Enable Safe Mode
1.With the device powered down, press and hold the power button (upper-right corner).
2. When the LG Logo screen appears, press and hold the volume down key.
3. Release the volume down key when Safe mode is displayed at the lower-left.
This may take up to 30 seconds.