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I have set different ringtones for callers but somehow the phone changes the ringtone to a different ringtone.  The ringtone it changes to are not ringtones I have saved.  Why is that and what can I do to stop it?

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Re: Ringtones
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Vaperry27, I also like to personalize my phone by adding specific ring tones to the different contacts on phone. This makes it easier for me to known when certain people are calling. So I know how important it is to have this function working properly. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

Where did you purchase the ring tones? Did you download a third party ring tone app? When did you know this issue? Does this happen with every call you receive?

Let’s first determine if a third party app is causing this issue. Run your phone in safe mode for a while and see if the correct ring tones play when receiving calls. If the correct ring tones play while in safe mode the issue is being caused by a third party app. Take the phone off safe mode and remove third party apps to determine which one is causing the issue. I would first remove the ones that have anything to do with ring tones. Once they have been removed test again.

Keep me posted if you need further assistance. I’ll be more than happy to further assist you.

John B

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Re: Ringtones

Where are the ringtones saved? Are they on the SD card? Depending on the speed class of the card, the phone might be looking for the ringtones before the SD card is mounted during the boot cycle. Try a faster card or don't reboot your phone as often. Mounting the phone as mass storage device to your computer will also cause the SD card to be unmounted and remounted.

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