Serious Problems Here!!! help with any issues??

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. First, I have only had the phone four months and it already has completely shut down. I left it dead for a few days, with no outside problems or damage, and now it wont charge in any of my three chargers! LG couldnt help me unless i sent it in (which i will probably end up having to do) and i cant find a way to chat with any of the verizon representatives unless by phone. Next, this phone has SERIOUS issues. They shouldnt sell it to the public unless it works!!! The wireless internet will randomly turn off, causing me to use up my data. The messages will randomly take hours to send, even in full bars (which i always have). The phone constantly crashes and i can only charge it in a certain charger if it is fully dead, otherwise it will blink white. It seriously stinks that when you are videochatting you cant use the front camera, so u have to choose between seeing your friend or them seeing u. Often when i am receiving a phone call the screen will freeze and make you wait a long moment to answer. Last, the voicemail icon NEVER goes away!!!!!! i always listen to my voicemails and the stupid little annoying icon wont leave! its one thing when you are too lazy to listen to it, but it just wont leave. I guess it doesnt matter now that my phone is forever dead. Thanks for the great phone verizon, really appreciate it. And to think its only been four months.

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