Severely disappointed with Verizon and the Revolution
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More of a rant than anything.  Just severely disappointed with Verizon.  We have been customers for about 16years, have 4 cell phones and the cell based home phone with them.  On this last upgrade, we went with some refurb. Revolutions as Verizon was/is pushing their refurb products.  One phone began acting up after about 3 months, the other at about the 6 month mark.

Verizon's solution to lock up and several other various software related issues that happen continually is, you guessed it, Hard Factory Reset.  When I complain that is very tough since I have many downloads (some come back after reset, some don't) and all my e-mail accounts from home and work have to be redone all the time, AND each time I do a factory reset, it adds a mirror image of my phone contacts, so each person is listed 4-5 times now.  The good thing I guess is that I now have a hobby in my free time.....sitting around deleting duplicate contacts......

I called and simply asked to be able to upgrade to another phone at the discounted price, and would have another 2 year contract.  DID NOT WANT A REFUND, just wanted to "fast forward" the calendar a year.  Their response was a flat NO.  They would offer to replace the phone, but only after I went through three more levels of customer no-service hell.  Apparently the minions that answer the phone have no authority to help a customer, they make you do the hard reset and then if that does not work, they transfer you to some kid somewhere who puts you thru the paces and then you still have nothing.

This last time they were asking me at what specific times the phone was acting up, like at exactly what time did you NOT get the call you are claiming was made.  At what exact time did that call refuse to go through that you claim to have made.  At what exact time did you e-mail start acting up.  Where exactly were you at.  What a pain in the butt.  I have tried to work with them, they did give me a phone number and "incident #" but there was no help there either.

I guess I will use the remainder f my contracted time with them and look or a new carrier.  Since we can PORT numbers now, they can't hold any of my numbers hostage.  If a VZW person monitors this, our $200.00 plus a month account can still be saved...just want a little help here.....