Stupid Smartphone

this is my 3rd "new" referbished revolution and i keep having issues with making/reciving calls, sending/reciving text and picturemail, battery getting hot, and also with the stupid thing crashing and bringing some other software up for example i just got my phone and i was happy until i came home from work and i got asked did you get my messages and when i went to show her that i didnt get any on my phone she looked at me with a dumbfounded look on her face and said its a blank screen and when i looked it was all black and to my suprise my phone screen was black and when i turned it off and done a hard factory reset to get it going again and i connected to update asstitant manager it reset my phone to zv9 where before i was on zvb and when i try to update it the dang thing says your device is up to date  and the ota says no new software update available i want a different phone you think that verizon would get the hint after so many people have had problems with this STUPID SMARTPHONE and it is ability to function in todays electronic gadget world. thier only suggestion is to upgrade i dont want an upgrade because i will lose my unlimited data that i do use around 10gb per month thank you very much all i want is a different phone and like another customer that i read about on here i have been with verizon before the smartphone revolution even hit if they cannot switch me out devices into something different then i am sorry to announce i will be leaving verizon and going somewhere else

Re: Stupid Smartphone
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If verizon was a responsible company that cared about their customers they would compensate everyone who bought this phone. I haven't seen one good thing about it. I sure as hell hate owning it. My phone restarts 7-8 times a day. After turning it on I have to wait 5-10 minutes to use it or it will continually restart. Atrocious.