Sync prople

I have LG Revolution and bought Ford car specifically for SYNC so I could talk and use other features thru audio of car. Well it sounds like crap. It garbles alot of conversation and you cant understand what people say. It  sounds like static or something. Doesn't matter how many bars I have or where I am does it every time I use it. Took car to Ford they checked everything. Hooked another phone up and it worked just fine. Did mine and it did it again. I have a second phone on account and hooked that one to it and it worked fine so it is the LG phone that has problem. When I hold phone I don't hear that but it drops calls and turns off alot. I have sent this one bace already because it kept shutting down and wouldn't come back on. I and so angry at this point. I bought CPO thru mail and not sure if I should go to a store and make them listen and see if they can do anything. I am so fed up with Verizon at this point. They are too expensive to have this many problems. If the phone is crap then take them back and give us something that is not crap!! Anyone else have this problem???

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