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Terrible Phone, Multiple issues

As the Revolution has already passed the high point of its life cycle, this discussion is pretty much moot, but I felt I should chime in with my thoughts on the phone, and LG phones in general.

First off, let me say that I am not an LG hater. My household has three LG HDTVs and one PC monitor. All function excellently, and three of these products are well over a year old. (My LG blu-ray player, however, has issues, being non-online and has not, after months of usage, been issued updates to fix issues that more expensive, wireless models have.)

This is my third LG phone. My Envy worked great--my Voyager, not so much. It turned off at random and would not save user settings, such as background images. I had a couple friends with the Dare and they spoke of the same issues. Still, the Revolution won me over.

I can say, after two crappy LG phones, I will not be using their phones ever again. My experience with the Revolution has done nothing but degrade since I purchased it. It's honestly hard to say what's ultimately at fault--the phone, the Android operating system, the apps--but there are some key points that I am relatively sure are the phone's fault.

The first issue is bloatware. The phone does not have much RAM to begin with--I'm guessing 256 M or possibly far less. Among my active apps, right now, as I type, are:


Google Play Store





None of which I have used since the last time I reset my phone. This is fairly standard. At any given time, almost half my phone's memory is taken up by apps I have never used, that do not seem to provide any sort of usefulness. I have an appkiller, and within minutes of using it (and doing nothing else,) most will load themselves back into memory. I have removed all of my widgets, but that didn't fix the problem with any of the apps (though I think it did free up some space.)

As a result, everything this phone does is laggy, and apps I actually want to use will often close back to the home screen for no perceivable reason. It often takes several tries to unlock my phone, as it easily loses track of my finger movements and resets the lock. Firefox rarely works properly, taking literal minutes to register my key presses in the search fields. I would download Chrome, as I assume it is optimized for Android, but my phone would no longer update starting months ago (except for one random update from Android 2.3.4 to 2.3.6) and the version of Chrome on the Play Store will not work on my version of Android.

The text message service provided on the phone will not update if I receive a text from someone while that thread is currently visible. I have to back out to the main text screen and go back in to see the text. Phone calls, the ONE thing a PHONE should be able to do flawlessly, can take over 15 seconds to even start ringing. I live in the Metro Detroit area and almost never fall below 4G. This is almost certainly a phone issue, not a connectivity issue.

Swiping side to side on the home screen is also jarringly laggy to the point where sometimes the phone doesn't even register my movements.

I could go on and on, but let me summarize: this is a crappy phone, well underpowered for the things it is supposed to do, and update support dried up mere months after its release. It's a Revolution all right--a revolution in who I will be purchasing my phones from in the future, because it sure won't be LG.

Re: Terrible Phone, Multiple issues

I have all the same issues plus the battery can't get through a full day (only 1500 mAh) and gets to about 100 degrees fahrenheit when just listening to Spotify. Not to mention the terrible speaker.

Re: Terrible Phone, Multiple issues

I have every one of these issues as well.  It also often crashes and completely resets in the middle of phone calls.  Very frustration. It takes over 3 minutes to get running again and still lags like crazy.  I often can't even get the screen to slide up to unlock this stupid phone.  I have hardly any apps on it, which is probably good since like you said, it's filled up with useless things I NEVER use.  My husband has the exact same phone bought at the same time and he wonders why our update versions are different. Lately I get tons of "application" failures for the android service itself, or home or whatever.  Not even an app, but the actual phone function itself constantly is failing and crashing.  I've already had verizon store check my phone out twice, my SD card completely died and they replaced it, but nothing was ever fixed.  They tell me to just continually take the battery off and let it sit off the phone for several minutes then start the phone up again. Seriously. I'd be doing that every hour if that was how I was supposed to fix the issues. It fixes nothing. If I wasn't poor I'd get a new phone (and service provider) in a heart beat.  As it is I'm stuck with this one for now.  God forbid I have an emergency and need to call 911, cause I probably wouldn't be able to.   Terrible phone.  Terrible service.  Terrible support.