Text messaging issues, random freezing, random restarting

I've had the same handset for several months now, and more issues keep developing over time.

I had called support, and well, they're no help. They follow a script and wouldn't listen/believe anything I had to say. So I'm hoping I can get some direction here.

My phone will freeze and randomly restart, and this happens at any time. when I'm using any app, or when I'm not even touching the phone. This has been going on for about 2 months.

also, for the last 3 weeks I have been having progressively worse issues with the factory text messaging app. At first, it wasn't sending all my messages in complete forms, then, it would start freezing while 'refreshing' the main application screen. Now, as of today, not only is it not receiving all my messages, freezing while refreshing, not sending my messages properly, it is also causing the screen to go black aside from the notification bar at the top. once this happens, it stays in that state until I re-start my phone. I have restarted my phone 8 times today alone, and the issue still keeps happening.

I've tried resetting the application like tech told me to do. I've deleted almost all of my messages. NOTHING IS WORKING.

someone, please, tell me what to do! This is making me nuts!

Re: Text messaging issues, random freezing, random restarting
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Hello Miss_Murder,

I know the importance of have a working phone at all times. I apologize on behalf of my peers for not being able to resolve your concerns. I'd like to help correct these issues for you.

Based off the detailed information your proviced, it sounds like your phone may have been affected by third party applications. Have you tired running your phone in Safe Mode: http://bit.ly/vwIViQ? Safe Mode is a great way to help determine if the phone is resetting due to a hardware malfunction or third party applications. I recommend leaving the phone in this mode for a while to test.

If your find that the phone performs better in Safe Mode the next step would be to back up your contact, application, text message information and process a complete Hard Reset. Here are the steps: http://bit.ly/tFfOOj.

I am confident this information will prove helpful. Please keep us posted.


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Re: Text messaging issues, random freezing, random restarting
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