The manufacturer doesn't report this as being an issue!!! Really?

I bought my first LG Revolution this past summer and I am now waiting for my third one to be sent to me. I was beginning to think that maybe I was having issues because I bought a certified pre-owned phone, but now I see that even had I bought the phone brand new, I would still be having the same issues. From the beginning, my phone would shut down and reboot itself. When I asked about this at the Verizon store, I was told that I need to reset the factory settings, which I did. This did not work. So, I decided that obviously, this is just something that I have to deal with until I could afford to buy a brand new phone. I slowly started to encounter other problems like not being able to answer calls or switch between calls or the phone completely freezing up. I was starting to get really frustrated especially when I couldn't get any straight answers. Finally the thing that sent me over the edge was the fact that I could no longer recieve texts on my phone. When I took it into the store, the customer service rep removed the battery and the phone started to receive texts. When she looked at me as if she had done something, I explained to her that I would not keep taking my battery out of my phone every time I wanted to see if someone was responding to my texts. She said that she would order me a new one.

One week ago yesterday, I got my new phone. The very next day, the new phone started shutting down. Then, yesterday, when I realized that I hadn't gotten a text from my husband, I called him and was told that he had been texting me back and I wouldn't respond. I was so through. I had this new phone for exactly one week and the same problem was happening. When I called customer service thinking that maybe they would have more expertise than the person working in the store, I was found to be absolutely wrong. The first person I spoke with said she couldn't help me because it was a techinical issue and she transfered me to guy who I thought would know what to do. He ran some checks on my phone and said that from what he could see, everything should be working well. He was concerned that the phone continued to reboot itself, but the text issue was something he could not address. He told me that he would put in a report and send it to ANOTHER department and he would call me today to let me know what came up. Also, he would send me a replacement phone and it would come to me on Tuesday. I laughed and he told me that since the manufacturer had not reported this as being an issue he had no choice but to send me the same phone. He promised me that I would not have the same problem with my new phone and that it was surely a coincidence that both of my phones had the same problem.

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Re: The manufacturer doesn't report this as being an issue!!! Really?
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I am sorry for your problems and us at Verizon want to help you and keep you happy but forget about getting a new phone because all you have to do is a factory reset every other day and then no more problems. LMAO thats what they always say and I am sick and tired of doing that and problems still exist. Too much FN time reloading this phone and too much down time while doing it. KMA Verizon