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This is the worst phone I've ever owned. With horrible customer service.

So I have had this phone over a year now. A couple months into getting this phone I started to notice that I wasn't receiving some of my texts. Being a professional in a work environment, this was not acceptable. I would miss multiple texts from coworkers, my boss, friends, etc. I decided to call Verizon customer support. They walked me through hours of troubleshooting and other options to fix the issue. After everything failed, I was told that the issue was in the phone and that I should take advantage of the insurance policy I was paying for and get a new phone.  So that is what I did. A month later, I started experiencing the same issue. So I called Verizon customer support again. They said the only way they could help me was to go through the hours of trouble shooting again. After I spent more time going through all of this, the issue continued. They said that now that I have gone through the insurance (which was sold to me by a customer service rep) I would have to "take it up with them" EXACT WORDS FROM A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. Since then I have spoken to multiple people with this phone and they have the same issue, not to mention the other software issues this phone has.

A year later I still have the same phone. I am still not receiving texts. I still have not gotten any help from a Verizon rep (even personally knowing one). Needless to say, paying my bill every month is such a struggle for me. Why pay for a text messaging service that doesn't even work. The issue is obviously in the phone, but if your company is selling a defective phone wouldn't it be in your best interest to compensate for the issue. Is it really that hard to just give up defending a phone that is the obvious issue? I love Verizon's service and would love to stay but I might not be able to if the problem persists. I NEED my texts. I can not wait until July, when I'm eligible for an upgrade, to get a new phone. I don't like feeling trapped into a contract when things were promised that aren't being fulfilled. I will probably pay the cancellation fee this week and switch to AT&T, unless I can get ACTUAL customer service from Verizon. And a new DIFFERENT phone. The sad part is I'm even willing to pay for a new phone and sign a new two year contract but literally no one will help me.