Touch Screen Issues

There are a couple of small areas on my LG G2 where the touch screen refuses to recognize anything. Using the keyboard is frustrating because certain letters don't register. I can work around it somewhat using autocorrect and the split keyboard.

I did drop it a couple of times, but nothing else was affected - it is in a case, not one of those bionic (hah) cases, but it's done it's job so far.  This phone will be 2 years old in December.

Any ideas?  It's been a good phone all this time and I'm a bit bummed that I'm having troubles with it now.

Re: Touch Screen Issues

The screens/digitizers were a problem in the early days after release, but were mostly rectified in future batches and via phone replacements under warranty.  If you are under at least a Verizon extended warranty, you might be covered.  Otherwise, there's not much to do other than repair or replace.  There's not much you can do about bad hardware.  Factory resets most likely won't help.  You can still buy a used G2 for less than $150 on used phoen sites like