Update wont go through

So every night and sometimes during the day I get this nice blue screen about how I have to do an update, and  can accept it or defer it.... well when I press okay lets update it will take about 20 minutes in "updating" but when it comes to "installing" the new hardware it says installation cannot be complete... no reasoning... this delightful inconvenience makes my phone super slow and crashes every time I open an app.... its getting tiring... I switched this phone from an Iphone hoping it would be better and well it isn't... my fiancé gave me the revolution because he had gotten a new phone and told me that it would be a quick "problem change" I just go to Verizon and they do a factory reset... but what would a factory reset do? and is there anything else I can do to make the phone update? and also it keeps all the apps open and DRAINS my battery and ive tried to switch back to my Iphone but it keeps saying request failed.... UGH!!! any help???

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Hi Angiemarie,

I am sorry to hear you're having trouble with the device updating. The delay in getting it to update might be because of the signal. What's your zip code? Have you tried to do the update in another location? Give that a try as opposed to doing a factory reset. Also, try putting the device into safe mode http://tiny.cc/5e3rzw then do the OS update.

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