Upset with Verizon LG G2 & Lollipop

Very upset with Verizon , I had an LG G2 device for 2 years now. I have had it either warranty replaced or insured replaced 4 times now. Spent hours on phone other day trying to resolve technical issue with 2 of the same device's. The resolution was spoke to Manager in Warranty/Technical Support and he assured me they would warranty both my phones with BRAND NEW like model phones. Issue was determined it is a Software Update on this specific model phone, But they can warranty it with same exact phone??? So Manager sends 2 new phones and 2 new sim card just in case the sim cards were bad??? So today got both new phones in mail, inserted new sim cards into new phones which BTW are 2 Refurbished phones NOT new phones... After spending 2 hours trying to activate new phones with NO success, I turned old phone back on and called in to customer service, after several minutes both phones were activated. After activation while setting up both refurbished warranty phones they both started the same software time/date flipping out issue. (Same as both old phones did) .. So I called in to Tech support again.. Guy states I can barely hear you (Same as old phone did) So after spending another hour with him completing SAME technical steps I completed with other guy 2 days ago to replace phone, he decides to transfer me to Advanced Tech support , This guy gets on phone and commences to have me start troubleshooting process that guy before him just did, plus do steps that same advanced guy had me do 2 days ago on what are suppose to be BRAND NEW phones??? With same results as guy told me 2 days ago, that it is a software Lollipop issue and that they must contact LG to get LG to send out a new software update, but it can take months for this to happen... In mean time just deal with using a broke or messed up phone. I spoke to LG Customer service and they advised we could mail both phones in to get repaired but we would be WITHOUT phones until they are repaired and sent back.. Ohh wait Verizon did say we could PAY to UPGRADE and get away from the bad LG G2 phones , But I would have to pay regular price or taxes to get the new phones...So now I guess after being a LONG time Verizon customer, my only other option is to look into switching service to AT&T and get their FREE Iphone 6s for switching to them???

Re: Upset with Verizon LG G2 & Lollipop

2 points to make.

Like new means refurbished.

AT&T does not have a free the fine print.