VERIZON has screwed us once again

A little over a year ago I switched my phone over to an LG G2 because at the time an iPhone 4 was slowly killing me with the terrible speeds caused by the at the time new iOS 7 upgrade that obsoleted the phone ultimately. Upon using my new phone it was a great experience getting to enjoy all the perks of android (minus iMessage, I still regard that as a great technological achievement.) and of course when I bought the phone I got a new case to go with it that was recommended to me at the Verizon store. A few months later I accidentally dropped my phone on pavement and because the case hit the pavement in such a way the case fell off and the edge of my phone shattered rendering it useless. luckily for me I had the "super awesome protection plan for my line" and got it replaced, but it was at a cost of 100$. At the time I was contempt to pay because I needed a phone for school and my business. a few days later I got my new "factory certified LG G2" I put that in quotes because this phone was actually quite broken on the inside. The hardware would heat up to over 130 degrees Ferinhight and the battery was crap. I called up Verizon and they told me that I needed to file a claim with my protection and warrantee program to get it replaced for another 100$. This time I was a littler perturbed but I submitted and paid the fee. Today I am on my 3rd LG G2 and I am having the same problems. upon calling Verizon I was told that this is a very strange position that I was in and was referred to their Teir 2 Support, even though I had gone through all the necessary steps like factory restoring the phone and doing a hard restart into safe mode and resetting it there. Still the problems persisted and the Tier 2 man told me that he was baffled at the situation I was in.... I am currently waiting on a call from a manager to see if they can make me a "deal" with my situation so while I waited I looked into the Edge program that Verizon offers in hopes of getting a better more reliable phone, but when I went into another brick and mortar store I was shot down by being told that because my contract is not up I could only get a phone that Verizon was pushing REALLY hard it was a Moto Droid or something... This set me off. I finally realized that Verizon is just running us in circles telling us all of the great service that we get, but it all comes with a price, our freedom to be treated actual human beings not a dollar sign.. even at that point, we pay Verizon an exorbitant amount every month but they still could give a rats ass about how we are doing and how we they could better serve us.  The best case scenario is to transfer an upgrade to my line and STILL at that point I am looking a 200$ bill to get a new phone on a 2-yr contract. The man at the store and over the phone were all very nice and I appreciate that but in the end they couldn't do shit for their customer, leaving me with a barely functioning phone and no way to be helped. In  a world of technology we are almost required to have a certain tier of phone and when we are crippled from that technology our lives begin to spire... Its an unfortunate truth but that is the world that we live in and the people that make Billions off of selling us that service don't care how, they just do and leave it at that. We are highly considering switching over to T-Mobile because of their cut your bill in half deal and because we might actually get some options over there. We will see what Verizon can do for their beloved cash cows by Monday when I will be expecting a call from management... if they call at all.

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I understand most of the concerns up until after where you broke your phone and paid the deductible to replace it.  You say you were given a refurbished phone, but that it was not functioning correctly.   At this time you should have gotten a replacement that worked correctly under warranty.  I don't see why Verizon or Asurion would have charged you $100 unless there was physical damage caused by customer.  As far as the Early Edge where you get to upgrade or get a new phone before your contract is up involves giving up your working phone and taking on the promotional phone Verizon offers.  Also, T-Mobile does not cut your bill in half.  Sprint claims to, but they cut the data portion price of the plan, not the whole line and plan.  Plus, you have to give them your working phone and buy a new phone at full price.

Re: VERIZON has screwed us once again
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I'm on my 5th refurbished lg 2 I finally dropped the insurance why pay it when you just get something already used and the last one I got gets so hot that it starts to shut it's self down so I went on amazon and bought an unlocked verizon phone for 40.00 of course its used BUT at least it's working like it should. By the way I'm on a 2 year contract thats not up till 2016 so can you say screwed?

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If you are given a replacement that is faulty, you are entitled to a warranty replacement.

THe LG G2 is great when it's great, but when it's faulty, it's a terrible phone and the problems you list are typical complaints.

Your best option is to really make a plea to get a working replacement.  Make a point to mention this is not the first one and the problems are significant.  Go in with remedies in mind, including release from you current 2 year contract so you can get a new phone without penalty (Or switch service if you want)