Verizon Wireless customer service is complete garbage.
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Just got off of the phone for the 5th time since I've owned my LG revolution(6 months now). Every time i complain about the same issues that I've had since purchasing the phone(random resets, 4hr battery life THANKS BLOATWARE!, internet bogging and dropping, freezing at least twice a day). I calmly asked if they could replace my garbage phone for a different phone, possibly even the spectrum that replaced the revolution for obvious reasons.. They refuse and say the only thing that they can do is send me another revolution. I asked what if i get the new phone and it had the same issues. He replied with "then we would send you another revolution." So... let me get this straight... a phone that got replaced and is not even available for purchase anymore will just keep getting replaced by the same garbage phone even though they all have the same issues? What a joke.. They told me the other options were to buy a new device at full price, open a new line and pay the discounted price along with the extra monthly for the new line i don't need, or purchase a pre-owned device for another $400... Oh joy.. exactly what i want to do, spend even MORE money with a company that's customer service is obviously a complete joke. I just spent $300 on this phone, and now my only options are to spend more money... Hmm sounds like a GREAT deal Verizon! TAKE ALL MY MONEY! I pay $104 a month for one line as it is, never had an insurance claim or any other problems, and i have one issue and they cant even replace a rather obvious problem with a different phone. Also requested them to lift the early termination so i could go to a company that will treat their customers a little better and they also refused to do that.

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Hi Grewsome,

I feel your pain; I would be upset too if my phone didn't work properly and I was not offered the option I want as a resolution. You are a valued customer and we greatly appreciate your business. Please be assured that our goal is to provide you with the best customer service; however, we must abide by our customer agreement and manufacturer's warranty replacement policies.

As I checked my resources I see that a Software Update has been recently developed for the LG Revolution that addressed the random reboots outlined in your post and other issues. This software is being pushed systematically and it may take a few weeks for all devices to get it. Thanks for your patience.

With regards to replacements, please keep in mind that we send you a Certified Like New Replacement to save you from returning your phone to the manufacturer for repairs (which is also another option you have if you contact the Manufacturer at 800-793-8896) and never be without a phone. I understand that getting the same model is not your preferred option but is the only one we can provide under manufacturer's warranty.

I suggest waiting for the software update to be pushed to your device and test after installing as it will most likely resolve the issues outlined in your post. Keep us posted.


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Im currently on my 3rd LG revo now. All have the same issues. Even with this garbage update you guys forced out. The update does nothing but make everything worse, the battery dies even faster now, on my most recent device(just got it yesterday) the phone reset itself once yesterday once I activated it( froze on the activation twice as well to where i had to pull the battery) and then reset twice today and froze once. On top of that i had to recharge the phone after about 4 hours... One of your supposed "certified pre-owned phones".. I've talked with LG about the issue and they tell me they can't do anything but give me the same phone, as you guys have done 3 times now. They told me to take the issue up with you.. So this seems to be a never ending cycle of one terrible customer service sending me to another terrible customer service which in turn is trying to send me back to the original. So now that I've gone through 3 of your phones that all seem to have the same issue, can we rule out that its not user error or certain device malfunction? Can we settle that the phone itself is just garbage? I understand getting a different phone is going out of the manufacturers warranty, but i believe in the  years I've had you guys and had no claims or issues, never been late on my bills, I would think you guys could go outside of this supposed warranty and get me a different phone. I am tempted to cancel my service through your joke of a company and go to a different carrier that actually cares about customer needs.

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I agree.  I wrote "VERY UNHAPPY..."  Verizon's customer care support is horrible.  I've been with Verizon since 2006 and they have acted this way the entire time.  I spent 200 for my  phone through Verizon but could have gotten the exact same phone and talk/text/data plan for 19.99 through Amazon.

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Then why are you still with Verizon? A contract is not 6 years, but two. You've had three contracts to leave, yet you stay and complain? Maybe because the service is... GOOD? You want a Mercedes, you pay for one.

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How can they call it an upgrade fee of $30 When I have less with the new contract than I had with the original?                Now my data is limited!

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I have the same situation, which is why I have decided to suffer through the rest of my contract and leave Verizon for a no-contract company. Lower plans ($50 unlimited everything) and good phone prices (Androids under $200). My son has one now and seems to like it. My opinion is that all companies will eventually have no contracts.

The cell phone industry is a big racket in the U.S. Look and see what people in Europe or Asia pay, as little as $12/month.

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Verizon wireless is crap! I can't get a live customer care person, it always redirects me to the same place and then hangs up!

Nothing works so lets file a complaint and BOYCOTT VERIZON WIRELESS, can't speak to a live person using the prepaid customer service line! ATT, T-mobile much muchhhhh better customer service than this crap of company...I am just tired and sick of trying to get to talk to a live person...don't fall for the trap that they give the 888-294-6804 never is an automated system that at the end it hangs up on you!